👋, I’m Shane Vitarana.

I've been building things on computers for nearly three decades. Currently, I lead engineering at TruStory, a decentralized platform for making social media discourse more truthful.

You can follow me on Twitter, check out my code on GitHub, and read my comments on Hacker News.

Here’s some projects I've worked on, and places I've worked at:

Sometimes I like to write:

...and give talks:

I have worked on everything from low-level embedded systems, government cryptography, enterprise backends, to high-level web frameworks and consumer iOS apps. I'm a generalist and believe in using the right tool for the job. I like to write clean, simple, well-architected code, and enable engineers I work with to be the best version of themselves. I have a M.S. in Computer Engineering and a B.S. in Computer Science, and once played drums in a cover band.

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